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Human rights day statement by His Excellency President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika

  • 2019-01-10 09:29:22

Every year on 10th December the world commemorates the International Human Rights Day. His Excellency Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika wishes to rally all Malawians to this year's Human Rights Day under the theme 'Stand Up for Human Rights'.

His Excellency the President is calling upon all stakeholders to accelerate efforts for promoting and protection of human rights. The President wishes to remind all persons that respect for human rights is central to the consolidation of our democratic governance.

President Mutharika also reminds all Malawians the importance of exercising our responsibilities as we enjoy our rights. There is no justification for violating other people's rights in the exercise of one's rights.

The State President also reminds all Malawians that accountability is also key to the promotion and protection of human rights. As a fundamental principle of democracy, everyone and every institution must be accountable.

This calls for collective accountability where both the private sector and other non-state actors too have the moral and legal responsibility to demonstrate accountability to Malawians.

His Excellency the President shall continue to champion the right to development by developing this country, improving the economy, fighting corruption, and safeguarding the civic space.

Let us all stand up for human rights through patriotism, hard work, and integrity as these are the three pillars of our democracy and rights-based and people-centered development.