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The DPP believes and has confirmed that Malawians have the capacity to grow enough food to feed themselves and to produce enough agricultural raw materials for a successful "Green Revolution."

We are aware however that many Malawians need support from government for them to grow their food. In this regard, the DPP government will continue with the fertilizer subsidy for maize production. The DPP government will abolish the coupon system and make the subsidized fertilizer available to all subsistence maize farmers the need it.

The DPP will give highest priority to agriculture as the basis for maintaining sustainable livelihoods and economic growth of our economy. In that regard, we shall institute deep-rooted reforms in the agricultural sector to support viable agoprocessing industries.

Balance will be made between resources spent on the Farm Input Subsidy Programme (FISP) and budget allocations to real productive sectors in agriculture such as agriculture extension, livestock production, research, and others. The DPP will enhance linkages between food security, health, and education by introducing the extension of the school feeding into the family feeding program.

In terms of agricultural marketing, the DPP shall actively turn ADMARC into a conduit for facilitating marketing of agricultural produce and assist farmers to access markets that provide good returns for their labour. To this end, DPP will link the marketing functions of ADMARC to the Ministry of Trade.

Further the DPP will encourage food processing and offer incentives to start-up companies in this sector.Food processing add value to farm produce and further reduces wasted especially with perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables. By increasing this sector, more jobs will be created and further we will make seasonal produce available throughout the year.

The DPP will not tolerate the inefficiencies associated with the recent FISP where cases of loss and theft of fertilizer bags have been common. The phenomenon of sand-filled fertilizer bags is a scandal and a mockery to the tax payer. The DPP economic policy will ensure honesty and integrity and deliver benefits to the people in an accountable manner. DPP will improve the governance systems associated with the management of the FISP based on the Party’s good track record and experience in managing the program.