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Since 2012, when the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was robbed of its governing responsibility, our country has plunged into deep poverty and uncertainty. Insecurity is the order of the day, threatening the very efforts of Malawian persons and businesses to develop. Malawi is food insecure and poverty is increasing. Our public resources have been plundered and corruption has robbed our people of their opportunities to prosper. The gains made when the DPP was in leadership position have been eroded, and people's right to development has been adversely reversed. The hopes, dreams and expectations that were created during the 1993 Referendum and put into practice from 2005 when DPP was in power have been dashed. Indeed today, life has become unbearable for most people, the cost of living has skyrocketed, and the gap between the rich and the poor has widened. While a minority of the population basks in plenty and live in opulence, courtesy of "Cashgate Scandal," theft and corruption of the current government, things have changed for the worse for the majority Malawians.

The DPP upholds the democratic principles that "People Come First" and that the unity of the people is the basis for a sustained political structure based on convergence and consensus.Our programme of work is inclusive and encompassing. We believe that democracy should not be by word of mouth, but must be seen to be practiced .DPP therefore pledges accountability for its programmes

The DPP is here again with a "People-Centered Development Agenda." We will relaunch our poverty reduction agenda by resuming high growth through increased productivity. We will create new wealth, incomes and more jobs so that our people can enjoy the fruits of their independence and choices. The DPP has a set of practical and tested development solutions that is consistent with the 21st Century. The DPP has a dedicated leadership with a clear vision for sustained growth and development in line with the aspiration of the people of Malawi.

The DPP has before established a Government that defended the interests and the rights of the people, a Government whose leadership sacrificed itself for the sake of country, a leadership that was honest, dependable, just and accountable to the people. We have learned our honest lessons, one key of which is that no Government can succeed in any political, economic and social programs without the support of the people. The DPP Government will be truly a "government of the people, for the people and by the people," and it is a party that has a fresh history from which we are willing to learn further from.

The DPP believes in development and unity for all Malawians. We condemn actions based on greed, vengeance and retribution. We cannot build Malawi while preventing free expression by all political parties. We cannot build Malawi while sowing seeds of disunity, gossip and suspicion. DPP will therefore rebuild Malawi through understanding, love, tolerance and respect of all people. The DPP Manifesto is based on unity of all people in Malawi. It addresses the problems of regionalism, a feature that has caused great confusion among our people and proven to be a hindrance to development and progress of Malawi.