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DPP's deep-seated democratic belief is that people are the reason any democratic society exists. Therefore any policy step taken by the state and society must reflect this very fundamental tenet which is purposefully engraved in the preamble to the Republican Constitution of Malawi ("We, the People "). The DPP believes that people must take a driving seat in the policy processes and that no policy should exclude them from participating in the decision making of the state, and from being the principal beneficiaries of public goods as well as private sector operations which are supported by government policies.

Between 2005 and 2012, Malawians were made to believe in themselves and were proud of their prosperity. But at the moment, Malawi is in pain; Malawians are starving; the Malawi economy has nose-dived, with growth rates revised to below the DPP-associated-above-6% rate. Malawi's inflation is now the highest in Africa. Malawians can no longer feed themselves nor in general determine their economic destiny; with "Cashgate scandal," the gap between the poor and the rich has widened, the poor are getting poorer while top governing party officials are awash with stolen public funds. The state is selective in the way it applies the law. Government policy of currency devaluation and floatation continues to subject Malawians and businesses alike to price increases and instability. The list is endless. The DPP will reverse this suffering.

Since its formation in 2005, the DPP has pursued a people-centred and therefore rights based approach to economic development. The DPP believes in the "People first" and that economic policy and management must be aimed at protecting and promoting our national interest