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Chimulirenji commissions M1 - Mphepozinayi Road

Malawi Vice President Everton Chimulirenji on Wednesday Commissioned second Agricultural Sector Wide Approach Support Project Roads Component of M1 Junction to Mphepozinayi.

He said the road construction being Commissioned is very important for social economic and political gains of our country. Chimulirenji said tarmac road being constructed will help farmers transporting their produce with no difficulties.

"The proposed road project passes through areas where both commercial and subsistence farming is being practiced extensively. Commercial agriculture involves the production and marketing of such crops as Tobacco and coffee. On the other hand, subsistence farming along the road includes the production of Maize, beans, and other crops." He said.

Chimulirenji said that a lot of jobs will be created during the construction of the road and thereby leading to increased income to the local population.

"It should be pointed out that a lot of women will also benefit directly from the project as some of them will also be employed whereas some will benefit through buying and selling of agriculture produce from their gardens. The project would then result in positive impact and contribute to gender empowerment." He said.

He added that the project will improve access to social amenities Most of the targeted rural roads are in poor condition such that travelling to and from markets, schools and health centers takes long.

He then thanked development partners who are financing the project for their tireless support to the Government of Malawi. The partners are; The World Bank, The European Union, USAID, Irish Aid, Flanders and Norwegian Aid.