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Mutharika responds to 'death rumours'

There is just no way one would smile to news that he is dead. None of us would fancy that, even when we had fallen critically ill.

For President Peter Mutharika news that he has died, which apparently went viral over the last 48 hours, is only but kicks of dying horses from the six other candidates he is facing in the elections next week.

The hoax had gone viral after the DPP leader announced a cancellation of an initially planned rally in Salima district.

The state house had indicated the President was due to attend to another 'urgent' issue.

However, the social media buzz was all awash with reports suggesting he was ill and with the spotting of ambulances at the Kamuzu International Airport, it was all but linked to his feared ill health.

Malawi24 however learnt that the ambulances ferried the remains of a British soldier killed by elephants a few days ago.

The reports were put to bed late Monday when the state house finally issued a statement saying the whistle stop tour would then take place on Tuesday as planned.

Speaking at the rally, the irate Mutharika said all those behind the rumours are afraid of his looming landslide.

"Do you see me dead here? The people saying am dead are going to die with stress after the elections next week. I am a very strong man and it is evil of them to highlight I am ill or dead," said Mutharika.

Earlier on, DPP's Vice President for the Eastern Region, Uladi Mussa told the DPP followers that the reports show the extent to which Mutharika's 'enemies' wish him bad for the 'good deeds' he has been doing.

He cited the project of community colleges and road infrastructure as core to his reign.