Core Values

Core Values

Our Collective Vision

Malawi: A Middle-Income Country By 2030. We envision a development-driven society that is productive, competitive, and resilient, and where people come first in resource planning and implementation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the instilling of self-con dence, peopledriven governance structures, transparency and accountability systems, and a deeper sense of socio-economic independence in Malawians, by creating a conducive environment for wealth creation, more sustainable pro-growth jobs especially for youths, redistribution of incomes and increasing the supply of quality goods and services for the domestic and international markets while making Malawi open for business.

Our Pledge

We will deliver peoplecentered development; and practice developmentally-driven politics. We shall provide sound political and economic leadership and work with all Malawians, including those in the opposition, in a spirit of political tolerance, understanding and reconciliation, thereby consolidating peace, harmony, security and stability as the basis for prosperity of our country. Most fundamental of all, we pledge to walk the talk and turn our development promises into real bene ts for the people. Our pillars shall continue to be Patriotism, Integrity and Hardwork.