Our Campaign


The world knows the DPP as a party that brought infrastructure where nobody expected it. We did it; and we are ready to do it even more and better. Infrastructure is a huge opportunity for getting our economy back on its feet again. Revival of the construction industry will be good news to all MalawiansThe DPP is concerned that its investment into the infrastructure of Malawi was left to abandononly less than 2 years the Joyce Banda administration was in power. We know very well that the poor and inadequate transport and communications infrastructures in our country constitute serious impediments to economic development.Our commitment towards Malawi roads, railways, airline, postal and telecommunications services can at best be described as our flagship. We are coming back to give Malawi the good infrastructure that Malawians deserve. Improved operations and efficiency of transport and communications infrastructures support increased production and trade.


Since 2012, when the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was robbed of its governing responsibility, our country has plunged into deep poverty and uncertainty. Insecurity is the order of the day,



The DPP believes and has confirmed that Malawians have the capacity to grow enough food to feed themselves and to produce enough agricultural raw materials for a successful "Green Revolution."We are aware however that many Malawians need support from government for them to grow their food. In this regard, the DPP government will continue with the fertilizer subsidy for maize production. The DPP government will abolish the coupon system and make the subsidized fertilizer available to all subsistence maize farmers the need it.The DPP will give highest priority to agriculture as the basis for maintaining sustainable livelihoods and economic growth of our economy. In that regard, we shall institute deep-rooted reforms in the agricultural sector to support viable agoprocessing industries.Balance will be made between resources spent on the Farm Input Subsidy Programme (FISP) and budget allocations to real productive sectors in agriculture such as agriculture extension, livestock production, research, and others. 


DPP's deep-seated democratic belief is that people are the reason any democratic society exists. Therefore any policy step taken by the state and society must reflect this very fundamental tenet which is purposefully engraved in the preamble to the Republican Constitution of Malawi ("We, the People "). The DPP believes that people must take a driving seat in the policy processes and that no policy should exclude them from participating in the decision making of the state, and from being the principal beneficiaries of public goods as well as private sector operations which are supported by government policies.Between 2005 and 2012, Malawians were made to believe in themselves and were proud of their prosperity. But at the moment, Malawi is in pain; Malawians are starving; the Malawi economy has nose-dived, with growth rates revised to below the DPP-associated-above-6% rate.



Education is the very soul of development.Good education system cultivates innovation and shapes development values. We are committed to ensure that investment in education and human capital becomes the centre piece of Malawi's future development. Our people constitute the human capital.The Democratic Progressive Party Government believes that basic education is the right of every Malawi citizen, young or old. The basic objective of Malawi's education and literacy policy will be to instill in our nationals the awareness that education enhances the role each individual can play in development and transformation of our country: Basic education will also be designed to provide the means for opening up new opportunities for our people to engage in trade, business, production and self-Employment.